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Saturday 31 July 2021

How do I prepare for tnpsc group 4?

How do I prepare for tnpsc group 4?

This is key plan will get you through the one in 9000 vacancies.

  1. Cover all TNSCERT BOOK from 6 to 10th. You only need to cover those topic which are asked in the syllabus.. eg. For Indus valley civilization study only lesson in STD. 7.
  2. Avoid market guides. They are awful. Don't cover all the topic. Messed up answer. If you want to evaluate. Ask your friend to prepare a test or test through previous year question papers.
  3. Watch more YouTube videos. For topic like mental aptitude and quantitative can watch video for concept and method.
  4. Use app for current affairs. The old mushy non factual newspaper is not reliable anymore. Search for current affairs app and install it. For monthly affairs. Try Shankar IAS Zero current affairs.
  5. Don't study more than 8 hours. I mean study much in quality than quantity.

I hope this will atleast help you for a bit. Thanks for the question. And all the best

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